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Teen Life

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Author Comments

This is my second flash ever and i think it's an improvment over my first one. This one has a kind of a plot even!

This video was made to make a point and not to annoy or be funny. If you don't believe this movie to be true, don't hessitate to let me know at nat18586@hotmail.com. But anyway, hope you enjoy.

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come on man

come on man u can do way better then this. how a bout taking more time to make a movie.


I liked your other animation, behind the salt but this sucks. Soz but thats my opinion!

I hate to say it...

But although there was a powerful message behind your animation, there was no real animation. It didn't really pull together or anything. There was no story and nothing but a bunch of poorly drawn silhouettes. It would have been a nice touch to see the bloody aftermath from and overhead view, both in the hall way and the teacher's lounge, with a semi transparent gravestone scene displayed and dissolved over each. The school scene ends with a close up of an unblinking eye blood slowly runs by as the shot fades. You could then end with a pan out shot of an obituary... as the camera pulls away from the close up of the name and writing, we start to see a number of other obituaries around it, and then a lone white rose blowing in the breeze, just offset to the bottom of the newspaper in which it's printed, on a diagonal. The camera continues its overhead ascent, showing a lone mourner in all black kneeling and weeping before the grave. The camera continues upward, displaying more and more graves until we see and entire graveyard...Fade out.

The scene ends with a more powerful line. "Violence in the classroom is not fading away..."

Grim Reeper

That is grim... But I suppose that's the message of this movie, and conveys it well. The crappy drawings could be improved, however, conveys your message loud and clear. Keep flashing!

It was ok

But..i think it could be a whole lot better..and i also didn't like how the song just ended in the middle of it..but its not bad..keep at it

Credits & Info

3.07 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2003
2:46 PM EST