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Hazel the Plant Witch

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Author Comments

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A kind and cosy game about listening to others.

1st Place in GM48

and the first place in innovation

(a 48-hour game jam). 

*This is an updated version*

People say talking to plants helps them grow. Hazel knows better. Most plants can't understand human speech. Luckily, Hazel is a brilliant techno witch who has made a gadget that will help her communicate to plants! By listening to plants, Hazel can record what plants are saying to her. This way, she can replay that dialogue to other plants and have a real conversation with a plant in their own language!

Can Hazel overcome the limitations of speaking in pre-recorded messages and help her plant friends out?


  • Move - WASD
  • Talk/Interact - "E" or "Spacebar"
  • Open up your recorder - "R"
  • Save dialogue - "1", "2", "3", "4" (You have four save slots for dialogue. Use the number keys to save a dialogue to the corresponding save slot. Alternatively, you can also click the 1-4 buttons on the recorder with your mouse)
  • Choose Dialogue option - WASD
  • Lower/Increase volume while in game - K / L


Hazel's plant child, Rose, is moving out soon. Hazel wants to find the perfect gift for Rose but cannot understand plant language. How can Hazel learn to communicate with plants in order to find the perfect gift?

Help Hazel by collecting dialogue with her tape recorder by speaking to plants and picking which dialogue you want to save.

The dialogue you save becomes the options that are available to you the next time you talk to a plant!

Done with the game's story? There's also a mysterious "Dye Log Tree" where Hazel lives. The more you learn about what plants say, the more the tree grows! What's the highest percentage you can get?

Rumour Board

  • I hear a certain someone wants to 'exchange poems' with the schoolteacher...
  • I wonder what the plants want for Halloween? Perhaps we can have a 'gift exchange'.

Developed by

The Mini Bunnies

  • Happysquared
  • Hokori
  • Ivanbje
  • Sunnydaze

Victoria Caña

Thank you for the front page, its a great honour!

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I love this game! It's adorable, and I love talking to all plants!!

minibunnies responds:

Thank you for your lovely comment! We appreciate you taking the time to play our game. :D

one of my favorite games on newgrounds! ;D

minibunnies responds:

That means a lot to hear, thank you so much for playing! :D

its pretty good but i have a problem with going outside the screen put on a dark green and the characther does not appear ;-;... but its still a cute game! can you fix what?

minibunnies responds:

Thank you for playing and leaving your feedback! I'm not entirely certain what you mean but it's possible the game's resolution is too big for your screen. Unfortunately, Hazel does not have a full screen mode but you can try dragging the bar underneath the game to scroll left or right. Not the best work around but the game should still be playable. Thanks!

the game itself was pretty cool, an island with sentient plants, and I also loved the record feature, it really needed you to pay attention to the dialoge.

minibunnies responds:

Yeah, the puzzle definitely requires you to pay attention to the dialogue. Glad to hear you enjoyed the record feature and thought the game was cool!

Thanks for playing!

Thats amazing! But kinda hard to understand what i need to do next. I love that game
All good and i finish that game so big thanks for asking if i need help!

minibunnies responds:

Sorry to hear you were having trouble understanding what to do next, I'd love to hear more about that or provide help if you'd like to talk about it.

Thanks for playing and I'm really glad you loved the game!

Credits & Info

4.22 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2020
7:36 PM EST
  • GameMaker Studio 2