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Fibonacci Burfing Monkey

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This is directly inspired by "The prime number shitting bear", a little animation (made by someone I don't know) of a bear shitting the prime numbers so here is my inspired work, a monkey vomitting the fibonacci numbers...for those who don't even know what are the fibonacci numbers, it's a math formula that represents a lot of things in nature (search the net about fibonacci if you're really interested).
so it goes this way :
fib(0) = 0
fib(1) = 1
fib(n) = fib(n-1) + fib(n-2) for n >= 2
There's a surprise if you watch it for a long time but it's not worth waiting hahaha
Enjoy !

By the way it's not really a "movie" it'S just a little feature...there's no punch...just a monkey vomiting...the "vomit particle engine" was fun to do !

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It's pretty interesting seeing a monke puking while the fibonacci numbers so, here I am at 267914296

I won't leave, I'm mentally sick haha


I wanna see how this ends, I know I'm wasting a lot of time

I don't think this excites me or something, it's just entertaining for me

I know, I'm sick but I can't afford a therapist, this is cheaper

I actually doesn't enjoy seeing a monkey puking but. I want to appreciate every part of your work, the messages looks the same, and I don't know if the video has no end or something so... please, answer my comment and tell me, because I'm already leaving, I think I've been here like 15 minutes or even more, good job, keep doing this kind of stuff, I love it

Hi, it's tomorrow and... I'm watching this shit again cause my brother wanted to see it, but I ended watching it all alone


I think this was your first flash, 5/10 because the animation was good and because of the growing numbers XD


Not one of your best submissions buuut...it was ok.

Evil-Dog responds:

it was 6 years ago haha


I guess i now see the surprize

If you wait a looong time -oh wait then it wouldnt be a surprize.... Erm should i say it? Hint: Damn ... shit ... and thats just wack!

kinda crap

i know u said it was old stuff but still kinda crap
i got bored of it realy started 2 make me feel a bit ill myself :S

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3.15 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2003
2:47 AM EST