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Squid! Escape! Fight!

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Nemo 5 Points

Eat 10 Nemos

Sardie 10 Points

Eat 10 Sardies

Aidee 25 Points

Eat 10 Aidees

Tigris 25 Points

Eat 10 Tigris

Angie 50 Points

Eat 10 Angies

Beany 50 Points

Eat 10 Beanies

Puffpuff 50 Points

Eat 10 Puffpuffs

Scorpio 50 Points

Eat 10 Scorpios

Devy 100 Points

Eat 10 Devies

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

Swim under the sea with this hungry cephalopod and meet the other marine dwellers in this straight forward arcade adventure.



  • Use the arrow keys (or your d-pad if using a USB controller) to navigate through the waters.
  • Press X to swim with a little boost, do this repeatedly to travel long distance quickly.
  • Avoid the underwater dwellers that blink in red or they will make you drop Ink and eventually they'll KO you.
  • Eat some fishes to increase your Ink level, more ink means that you can take more hits.
  • When your ink is at it's fullest you may unleash a powerful Ink Attack to obliterate everything in sight using Z. But beware, you'll be left vulnerable after this.

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very fun spent a lot of time on it wish there where more invincibility frames tho

i wanna hug the squid so much lol

Good game, but I'm not a fan of how "rough" the turning feels. It feels like I have to click the turn at just the right time and if i click the arrow keys and X too close together it doesn't respond well and i just don't move.

Omael responds:

Thanks. Will look into that. Would you prefer more "slack" in the turns?

Pretty cool and charming little game! Certainly had a good impression on the presentation side with some great graphics, animation and game feel. I enjoyed my time with it eventually, but it did take some time to warm up to it. A lot of the design felt very confusing to me. The game starts off very slow: I could understand the first level being a safe level, but there's several levels without any form of challenge: you can just swim your way to the top no problem. Eventually you get puffer fish and eels and such (oh my) which increased the fun, but it felt like forever till then. Making it level-based in the first place seemed a bit odd to me as well, paced it weirdly: felt like this could be the kind of game where instead you just swim up and up either to an incredibly high goal, or forever to see how far you can go for a score, where the higher you go the harder it gets, with more and more enemies and less and less fish to eat. Text at the top would be a bit frustrating at times: I never felt like I needed the instructions or fish info, but if I did, it was a bit annoying that it could be interrupted by me finishing too fast, or it telling me my ink move was ready for the hundredth time, haha. Also, the invincibility frames felt a bit too short since you could get stuck in an eel and get comboed to death if you were unlucky (maybe prevent same enemy hurting you till you leave and reenter its hurtbox?) Anyway, despite my gripes, it still was a pretty solid, cute lil' game and I look forward to more from ya!

Omael responds:

Thanks a lot for the feedback. Next one will be better.

Cute and simple stuff.