TBZ- Tragin Ball Zee .Ep1

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Author Comments

Finally, the long awaited movie is completed. This took me the whole day to make. This is a spoof of DBZ.

Boxers (Trunks)
Vagina (Vegeta)

"Boxers" is messing with the wrong crowd. He buys a Tragin ball from the evil drug lord. He gets high, and overdoses. "Vagina" comes home from work and finds "Boxers". This is the first of a whole series. This is a spoof of Dragon Ball Z, so get a laugh out of it. I will be making more of these.

PS: Vagina says "Boxers, I have returned from work,where are you" for those of you who dont understand. It crackles a little bit because its not streamed. Vote high, because this took me all day to make.

Instead of saying "you fucking suck, your a queer", why dont you write good reviews. If you dont like something about my movie, tell me how to improve it,and tell me what you like and didnt like. There has to be something that was good about it; the music, graphics, storyline, whatever. Lets just stop doing all this immature trash guys, please.

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That ws a boring movie!
I didn't watch the whole thing because it was so boring=(

U should do better next time...

Just say no!


lol vegeta flippin burgers

trunks is a coke addict... both are good lol!!! but seriosly make another dude that was funny
but make vagina a little more like mellowed out and less like ''I WILL FIND OUT WHO DID THIS AND DESTROY THEM! good movie nontheless!!!


You have made an awesome cartoon.But uh, why make vegeta a McDonalds employee?That was an unexpected twist.Thanx for a good one!Hop you make a new one!

vegeta as a mac donalds whaaaaa! lol

thiss movie is cool really cool

Credits & Info

2.97 / 5.00

Jan 11, 2003
10:08 PM EST
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