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Takedown - a Mega Man Action Short

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Short Mega Man action scene I made in a combination of Maya and Modo

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It has solid animation from Megaman, nice cinematography, a great use of his abilities.
However I feel the face looks a little too chibi and kid like due to rosy cheeks, a nose too soft and massive eyes. He should look more like the original games in my opinion, at least he looks more like a man.
Also the materials look very "plastic" rather than metal, sorta. I say rein that in a bit, lower the reflection slightly.

Also we don't see the foe he's fighting, which I think does hurt the epic feeling a tad.

I'd recommend improving upon those things, but there's certainly some passion here. I enjoyed it.

… Who the hell was he fighting? We don’t even get to see it!
The animtion is awesome but it’s just stupid that he’s fighting nothing.
you were able to make an incredible fight scene but you were too lazy to animate a villain.

Only mad that I never got to see the boss
Otherwise a great short
Very cinematic 4/5

Awesome! Great Tribute to The Blue Bomber!

Jesus, save some talent for the rest of us!