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[v0.5] Darkmorrow Arena

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Darkmorrow Arena - Version 0.5

You play as a slave, forced into gladiatorial battles. Do anything you can to win gold and glory. Use your gold to buy better gear. Win enough glory and you will earn your freedom!

Contains adult content and lots of RNG. If you are not comfortable with this content, please don’t play this game.


Check out more of MutantPrawn's artwork here! (NSFW)


Big thanks to Cheese for his excellent writing!

Thank you to all the testers and people who took their time to give me feedback!

Disclaimer - Please Read First!

  1. This game uses Ironwoman mode! - This means the game autosaves, and you cannot save and reload. Once you die, the save is deleted, and the character is saved into the archive. This is by design. I want the player to experiment, try new approaches, and make do with what they have. Please don’t feel discouraged! Try again, you might do better next time! 
  2. This game is highly pornographic! - This game depicts sexual abuse in graphic detail. If this bothers you, you may want to avoid this game. This is a central aspect of the game design.
  3. This game is just a hobby project! - We are really only making this game in our free time. We don’t expect to make any money from this. We just do it for fun. Because of this, things like animations will almost certainly never make it into this game! We just don’t have the man-power or money to do it. If this doesn’t meet your expectations, we apologize.
  4. This game is mostly Text Only! - The character is drawn. Her outfit pieces are drawn. The UI is drawn. But, there are no animations. The sex scenes are text only. This is for many reasons. The biggest reason is budget. But, the other reason is because this works better with the game design.

What's new:

  1. Changes to the shop. The shop should now offer a lot more items for sale. Items generated are rerolled a couple of times, to help find items that the player can buy. This does not guarantee that all items will be purchasable, just that they are more likely. In the beginning, many items will still seem locked out, but this should reduce over the playthrough. A red X also marks items that you cannot buy or equip, to help spot them easier.
  2. Increased coin rewards from combat by about 30%.
  3. New outfits: Added 6 new outfits, with 6 pieces to each. Also added 6 new bra and panty sets, with 6 color variations, each. That’s over 100 new outfit pieces!
  4. Added 15 new H scenes, 5 for each of the important NPCs. 
  5. Expanded on the outfit lewdness mechanic. Outfit pieces have a lewdness level. The main character will refuse to wear outfits that she is not comfortable with. However, her tolerance for outfits will change as her relationship level increases with the NPCs.
  6. General text and UI improvements.
  7. Minor bug fixes.

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sry im late, this is awesome! :3

Got Yeeted on my 5th fight with a single hit even though i used evasion attack and was at full HP lol
Idk, at least let me restart that last day

I've had a lot of fun during my 2 full playthroughs (medium/hard) and thoroughly recommend giving it a try.

A few issues that may be overall improvements or just personal preferrence:

- Skipping during the Nightscenes should place me straight in my room. I read most of them on their first appearence (merchant wasn't my cup of tea), but i don't need to read my 50th trainer session :D

- Visiting the Arena master more than once per threatening opponent is kind of a waste. If you need to visit him to ensure victory/survival, you have already fallen behind the powercurve. My suggestion would be to give the player a buff, that lasts for a variable amount of days, which gets refreshed upon the first visit between opponents and improved with further visits. Improvements scale with relation, but the higher the improvement the higher the chance for the streak to break after an opponent has been killed.

-The game gets incredibly snowbally. I chose Spear+buckler, unarmored/underwearonly and power attack. The idea is to hit first, hit hard and dodge. Apart from some early levels into parry, to deal with the first wave of mercenaries/veterans, i put no points into heavy/medium armor or quick/aimed attack. Even if my opponent would counter power attacks i would spam them. My character had become so 1 dimensional, that she simply no longer cared if her opponents were strong against her setup.
My solution would be to scale the penalties with enemy tier, while also encouraging more diverse builds. For example reaching higher relations with the trainer sets all talents to 2/3 at relation levels 2/3. Maybe you steal some items from the merchant, also tied to relations.

-Rework healing/goldgain. Getting hit slows down character progression, so when facing an opponent you cannot kill in the number of rounds, it is often better to just stand back and spam parry. Maybe a small health gain (scaling with strength/heavy armor/home improvements?) each night can offset minor wounds in time for the next fight and only major blows require actual rest.
Lower the flat amount of gold gained through surviving/killing your opponent. Instead encourage the use of different moves.
For example: Each round a random stat of both parties is chosen, then add the repective initiative to both. If the opponents value is greater than the players, their action is hidden and the player has to guess (intel through arena master might help :D). If the player value is exceeding their oppoents they get to see their action and can then choose accordingly.
Choosing the correct moves, gives more gold at the end of combat.
We are fighting in an arena after all and the spectators want to see a show.

-Crafting your own gear is too expensive/time intensive for the first 9/10th part of the game ;D. Fatestone aquirement takes too long and gold is often better spent straight up buying already upgraded items.
My Solution would be to lower the cost of enchantments, offer alternative ways to acquire fatestones and remove already leveld legendary/epic gear from the shop.

Sorry for the wall of text. This was both a lot of fun to play and to think about what i would change. I'm looking forward to whaterever you guys have in store for us, as there are far to few adult games out there, that have meaningful and interesting gameplay. I'm looking at you 3D-Incest-Visualnovels :/.

acacGames responds:

Thank you for the kind words and all of the thoughtful feedback. I'll mull over everything you said, thanks! :)

boom pow Duck

It's kind of weird how game promotes changing strategy/figuring out opponent but in reality does everything to prevent it as well..
Not only gold is super limited for majority of the game but the gear is too hard to perfect.. by time you reach 250 glory for the arena champion ending - you will only at most upgrade 2 pieces of legendary equip and that's only IF you go for sexy 4 set.

Overall for those who want to have an easy time - most important step is to buy a buckler, preferably with evasion upgrades... ideally legendary buckler which you can upgrade with a lot of evasion.
Most important mastery with that strategy would be shield mastery. I recommend sword as weapon focus, but it probably can be axe as well, I found sword more reliable due to accuracy being hard to get. As for type of attack - I recommend parry early(get it to level 2 so you can endure early fights) and as you upgrade your buckler with more evasion - swap into the power swing and focus that one.
Out of armor - I prefer the unarmored thing and sexy 4 dancer costume(meaning you want to up relation 3 times in total, likely 2 times on trainer and 1 time on merchant)... this will boost your gold gain massively and allow you to upgrade your weapon and buckler.
Out of relations - focus on trainer first, then once you need to start upgrading you can swap to merchant.. Arena master is kinda pointless, you won't have trouble with accuracy/evasion in this build and it's better to gain permanent one through training anyway.

As you reach end game - it will be easier and easier since even legendary opponents would need all the luck in the world to win.