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Sand Soldier

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wasd to move mouse1 to slash mouse2 to make soldier

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Finished it, great game. Took me a while to realize that the soldiers would spawn walking in the direction you were facing.

Ok.. So, in concept I am loving this. We have a simple on off mechanic that serves both puzzle and battle elements. Transforming sand (that is exposed to the sky) into soldiers and back again (in some cases, and still others doing both). I see a lot of people commenting about the T level. This is also where I ended up calling it quits, not because I didn't' know what to do, but because I got annoyed trying to do it.

For those failing the T level you must beat it by making small sand soldiers on the left of the T killing them on the right (under the sky) and then pooling them together into a large soldier. Be careful that not even a small sliver ends up under the edge of the cliff or your soldiers won't be able to go down. No small soldiers can get through. The best tactic seems to be to make them just small enough to go under the T. Two soldiers should be enough to make 1 big one.

But how to get the right size? See that is my problem. This game begs for some kind of visual indicator of how large of a soldier you will make. Guessing based on your approximate distance from the sand is pretty futile. I can't say how many times I tried that level, but it was enough to get me annoyed enough to quit. Either highlighting the area of sand that will be transformed or even showing a ghost soldier that would be made could solve the problem.

The other annoyance I had with this game was the mouse. Typically when you add mouse controls the it makes sense that the location of the mouse matters. In this game both actions can only be performed directly next to the player making it really easy to fire in the wrong direction as you get close to the edge of the screen. It also makes you really want to be able to turn distant sand into soldiers. Kind of annoying and a bit awkward, but certainly nothing that would stop me from playing it. A better solution though, might be to just use keys and fire the magic in the direction you are facing. Not really something i would think you may implement in this, but something to keep in mind for future projects. Also if the highlight was implemented this would be less of a thing.

Overall though I really do like this, and I may even return to it. I am just annoyed at re-doing a level over and over even though I know exactly how to beat it. Will go with 4 stars on this one.

karpopper responds:

You can control the size by having less terrain in the blast area, I tried adding a better visual indicator but it was too ugly. Also if you accidentally make a soldier too big on the floating t level you can just kill it and make a smaller one which is how I do it consistently.

small but funny

Level with the T and big soldier is impossible

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3.10 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2020
12:03 AM EST