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Agent Voir: Unforgotten Love

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Author Comments

Disclaimer: The Web version may be laggy try out the PC + Android versions here

Agent Voir, do you remember who you are? In this short but loving point-and-click adventure you play as the companion to Voir, who has forgotten who she was after an accident.

Using knowledge of who she was, you work to restore her memories while navigating the new boundaries she has set up. Can you reawaken her old memories or will you come to terms with her new self?

This point-and-click adventure contains animated scenes, a male protagonist, sex, tall girlfriend and several puzzles!



  • Fully animated interactive sex scenes
  • Two Puzzles
  • Bad + Good ending
  • Choices
  • Inventory

content advisory: recommended ages 16+ (for animated sex)





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Ok after a few different browsers and bugs and loading issues like the safe sticking and not being able to back out and an endless loading loops and on one browser it gave me a bunch of errors and just completely broke. I got it to work in one browser and that was Firefox the puzzle bugged a couple times so had to do it again to get it to complete. The h scene could use work, also I could only find one puzzle when it said there was supposed to be two; other than that this was good I liked it very much a nice sweet little story would be nice if you could make more chapters.

witchstudios responds:

Thank you for trying on so many browsers to get it to work. I know it works well on chrome as I test on it.

btw the code for the safe is 282

I was initially expecting a bit more, and to be frank it was a tad disappointing to see how little of the game there actually is. Like a few others have already said, it definitely feels either unfinished or severely lacking. But! Some of the art isn't too bad at all, mostly the stuff outside of the animation but not bad nonetheless. There's potential, and thus I'm compelled to give 3 stars!
Hope you can improve upon whatever future projects you may take on!

witchstudios responds:

Thank you this was a test run to see if I can make a small game

How long does it take to start the game because im having issues with that

Got stuck on the loot box thinking that it was just an item i would pick up or briefly interact with, but I didn't find the code beforehand and couldn't back out so i had to look up the answer in order to continue playing the game, not sure if that was intentional or not but that is definitely a game-breaking problem. Coffee mug puzzle was poorly done, the pieces would frequently not track properly, maybe would be better in the non-web version but the web version is what I'm critiquing.
The animated sex scene at the end is the only one in the game, which is not worth the time spent in my opinion. The scene itself isn't bad, but calling it interactive as a selling point seems disingenuous when the only interaction is buttons on the side for speed and finish. Again i'm not sure if it's an issue with the web version or if it's across the board, but the animation seemed pretty lacking. I know it's hard to animate at a very high level, but the animation was like 4 or 5 frames of movement.
Generally an erotic visual novel has 1) lots of good art/frames that change throughout the entire novel, 2) A long and engaging story with choices that change the outcome or dialogue in meaningful ways, or 3) both and that would be in addition to whatever end-game reward scene. I get that the visual-novel genre is mostly just clicking next; but usually the story has more thought, or decisions that the character makes are more relevant, in this one, it really seems to be basically a single fork in the road with almost no other decisions being relevant at all. MC and voir work together, they get in a car crash, MC tries to get her memories back using items from their lab, they fuck. There's no twist, there's no background story to learn about on the side (maybe some more compelling info/sidestory when you collect the items around the lab would be a step in the right direction. I know there was sort of an intro backstory with the whole driving in the car thing; but I basically learned nothing about either character throughout the game that wasn't apparent within the first minute of dialogue.
Basically this game seems unfinished; I assume that it was intended to be a full release game, but it has the same quality and quantity of the average game demo. There is potential, but it needs more to it. +1 for music, good choice.

witchstudios responds:

I really appreciate this thought-out critique on my first VN game ever. This is extremely insightful to learn from my mistakes. I will use this comment out of all the others as a guide while I am currently building my 2nd VN as I am writing this reply. I love your feedback