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Messing the Game

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Messing the Game

itch.io -- Messing the Game

Welcome to Messing the Game. A game all about spreading misinformation and planning your way to victory. Here is a easy guide on how to become the messing master:

  • Step 1:  the movement fase. In this fase it is key to move one of your pawns. You can slay an opponents pawn or just strategically move your own. Whatever you do you can only move 1 pawn a turn.
  • Step 2: the ability fase. In this fase you're tasked to select an ability to apply to one of your pawns. Shield will grant immunity for one turn, Switch allows you to switch around the location of 2 of your pawns and Change changes one of your pawns movement options from diagonal to straight and vise versa.
  • Step 3: the glitch fase. This fase acts identically to fase 2 with some key differents. In this fase none of the selected abilities will actually be applied however it will be listed in the "what happend last turn" log. So it's ideal for spreading misinformation.

But what is more fun than asserting AI dominance? Destroying real life friendship of course! That's why I've gone out of my way to add online multiplayer to this game, so... have fun beating your friend.

The amazing music used in this game was made by Winter89 go check him out!

This game was made for the Area of effects game jam in Just one day!

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It's the beginnings of a good game, but in this form it's impossible to win against anyone who knows about the Shield option... including the AI.

It's an interesting idea but I do have a question. When there is only one pawn left what's stopping them from constantly shielding to stop you from taking that last pawn? The AI keeps doing it

Great game although i dont think i am smart enough haha! thank you for using my music yet again :)) have a good one!!

cool game
but its pretty complicated

Credits & Info

3.30 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2020
5:34 AM EST
  • JavaScript
  • Sublime Text