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Julie gets creampied (18+)

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alright, i dont really get making r34 of roblox, but the people in the reviews are just going waaaayyyyy too hard on you with death wishes over a damn animation.

yo whoever threatens me i'm gonna die wait why are people even wishing death?

It's actually pathetic for people who come in and spout death threats on an obvious roblox rule 34 work despite not liking said thing.

Stop your 'reviews' as they aren't reviews.
Anyways, here's an actual review.

First off, the tits are *way* too large. They block up half of her face.
Second, the gray character doesn't really feel like a person, just a placeholder. I'd advise adding more style to such characters.

Third, you're doing great at clipping... On the legs. The arms don't seem to be attached. Also, the guy's face never changes.
Nor does hers, I believe. Perhaps that could be changed?

Finally, arm placement. Okay, I mentioned it earlier, but seriously, that's some bad arm placement. Perhaps the R15 model would be easier to work with when it comes to moving the arms? R6 is, while easier to use, lacking in proper arm placement.
Overall rating: Not bad. Decent if this is your first shot.

Not terrible, could use a lot of work and practice. Good luck.

Yo they wishin death on u bro that's a fat L

What and why the actual fuck

@spidspid1 Wow, wow, wow! No need for death threats. I really dislike this and don't understand why this would be done for a block kids game, but their life doesn't need to be taken...

Credits & Info

2.03 / 5.00

Nov 21, 2020
5:42 PM EST

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