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Don't Wake Robby HD Special

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Dad tasks Johny with awakening his hibernating brother, Rob. Rob proves to be mighty resilient toward his slumber being disturbed. Johny's willing to go to whatever lengths he must to wake him up, but will it be enough? It only gets crazier from there.

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Here we are with the second HD re-release of the Siblings series. By request, it's Don't Wake Robby! The second episode of the siblings series, and the first to not be a parody of an existing property. The dream sequences, the music montage, and Johny's elaborate plan which cannot fail! Fail! Fail! Fail! This release includes the extra parody scene with John getting caught in the door, a couple extra clips from our recording sessions, and a lengthy 13-ish scrapbook narration that includes off-script ramblings about the time period and the content found in the episode.

I also decided to replace the commercial music with karaoke versions sang by myself. I like it better since I can layer other jokes into there. I cut down the performances, but I'll do a release of them fully later. It'll be on Patreon by Sunday!

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As trippy as ever. Great classic work.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Thanks! :D

“Wake up! This is why you gotta wake up! There’s something ravioli gotta wake up! (?) You’ve been asleep...”
“Wake up, wake up, wake up, Johny’s tired of waiting!”
“Wake up... ...come on Rob just”
“Wake up everybody! No more sleeping in bed”
“Wake up Robert”

I love this dude. This animation is like something that I would’ve watched the second it was made if I was born somewhere in the early-mid 90s. Those covers you made in this HD Special when Johny was playing music to get Rob to get up were funny, seriously. Also when you clarified that Rob said “I’M NAKED!” Just to get Johny out of the room, i just thought he was saying that for no reason at all.

Fr, this is an amazing animation/HD special, and it’s sad that the original never got an award nor frontpage. It definitely deserved one of those, or both.

Hopefully you’ll make more HD Specials of your older animations, like Runesuck, Pop A Cap, Don’t Sleep Robby, and such, those were also classics of yours, and I’d like to see them be HD remastered also.


Bobert-Rob responds:

Thank you! And yes, that is the plan. Currently considering Runesuck for December's release. The music was a fun last minute addition, an idea I'd always had that I only decided to do recently. I'm definitely going to go that route for Don't Sleep, Robby's music montage too. I was surprised so many of my fans wanted me to do this one as the second HD release, but I'm glad I did. I had a lot of fun putting it together.

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Nov 21, 2020
3:46 PM EST