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The Flower Arrangement

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Author Comments

I'm alive! Finally here is some new content.

A short choose your own romance fantasy story about the Forest Lord and his offered bride.


  • Made using monogatari.io.
  • Played around with different art styles for each scene. Sort of a hybrid light novel-ish picture book. It took... considerably longer than the standard visual novel style, but I learned a lot and improved my art quite a bit.
  • That said, I may go back to the standard visual novel format for a game or two as a break haha.


  • Spelling correction (thanks, Bcadren!)
  • Music now loops

Six endings are available in which you can decide whether the lady says I do or I don't.

Music was created by my boyfriend specifically for this game.

Hope you enjoy! Thank you for your continued patience.

Patreon link if you'd like to support future stories.

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Yes!! Waffrus is back!

okay, im biased, because i got a good ending and im a hopeless romantic, but ima gtry to be as fair as possible
i loved it, the art style, the pacing of the story, sometimes thing didnt loades correctly and i had to replay a few times for it to run smoothly, but overall, i had a grat time reading this.
again with te art, is amazing, its so detailed when it need to andthe black and white more cartoony pannels fit well with the story.

Really good; like to point out one wrong word/typo on one of the intro pages:

alter -> altar (Alter is to change, like alter a dress. Altar is the word you were looking for.)

waffrus responds:

Omg, after re-reading the script so many times, I still missed that. I should get a proofreader next time haha. Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it despite my spelling hiccup.

I liked this a lot, more than I would have suspected.
It's simple but I think you nailed down the narrative and visual pacing quite well.
Those are also complimented by how intuitive the save and reload features are.
I think it's particularly clever to put extra effort into rendering the detail of the big moments, and leaving transitional moments less detailed because it literally highlight parts of the story, but it is similar to how many people recount memories in that some moments are given the most detail in a story of an entire day in their retelling.
The music is also clever and haunting, so a "nicely done" to the BF.
Thank you for making this.

waffrus responds:

I'm glad you were pleasantly surprised by my little story. It's great to hear that my scenery was conveyed successfully. I went through quite a bit of storyboarding and re-storyboarding while making this. The BF was also pleased to know that you enjoyed the music! Thank you for playing and for your thoughtful review!

Short and Sweet with relaxing fantasy music. The beginning reminded me of the pilot episode of Bee and Puppycat, the flashback with the Space Outlaw and Princess. Excellent work, keep it up!

waffrus responds:

Hehe, thanks! Yes, I enjoy the music as well. <:

Credits & Info

3.60 / 5.00

Nov 21, 2020
11:32 AM EST

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