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The Power stone

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Small, simple game that I did just for fun, mostly just experimenting with different things. Also there is a little backstory, which you will find out in the game

Controls WASD or Arrow Keys, you also can double jump

p.s it is a little halloween themed even though it's pretty late for halloween

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It reeks of a frustrating bargain bin Nintendo entertainment system platformer. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a shoddy mobile remake of some unknown NES game.

Now, I don't have problems with the game's challenges per say, they are serviceable , but you made a terrible begginer gamedesign mistake, which would be really easy to fix. Death frequency should be inversely proportional to the time it takes to repeat the task you failed. Your challenges would be reasonably hard and even enjoyable if I didn't have to repeat the same I beat 5000 times before getting to the one I failed at. YOU NEED CHECKPOINTS IN A HARD GAME.

Some sound effects would not be hard to add and make a music loop beyond the, once again, NES music loop norm. You can generate or source a creative commons midi longer then you put into the game in less time then it took me to beat the first level. I wouldn't ramble on about weak theming, because I kinda like the spritework and a game could be fun even if a bit stale, but sadly 'tis not the case here.

Overall pretty underwhelming and I hope you can at least learn from this.

Now i know you said its a game you made for fun. And i appreciate that but still. This games soundtrack is a loop. There are no sound effects. The game is hard for no reason. The animation one animation and thats the main character walking. The games art style is diffrent from the background and more. So let me tell you is a 1 out of 5. Yeah i am crewl for this game but that doesnt matter if the game just gives me all this uncessesery things. Now im not trying to hate the creator of this game at any way ok? I think the creator had fun times while making this game and i appreciate that. If the creator is reading this i just want to say that you have a lot of potential of being a good creator and being a good game developer. You just need to learn more about game developing and maybe you will become a great game maker that makes gems of games.

Krafford responds:

yeah, thanks for playing and pointing out the issues, i'll try to imrove in the future