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Face It!

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Set off Martin's siren 3 times in one game.

Good Song, Right? 10 Points

Go to the page for the song used in this game.

How Does This Work? 10 Points

Get a game over on the first puzzle on Easy.

Think Faster! 10 Points

Run out of time.

War Face 50 Points

Get a score of 500 or higher on any difficulty.

Why The Long Face? 50 Points

Get a score of 1000 or higher on any difficulty.

Author Comments

Face It! is a puzzle game that'll make you feel like you're smarter than you actually are. (Sorry)

Find the most common facial features on all 4 faces in each puzzle until you lose!

Each puzzle is randomly generated.

The concept for this puzzle game dates back years ago on pen and paper, and I had always wanted to put it into game form. And now, I finally got around to making it - enjoy!

This puzzle format does work with any size of grid as long as there's a facial feature type for each box. I just wanted to keep it simple for the game version though. Give it a shot when drawing your own puzzles!

...Yes it's a Flash game. But since Flash emulation is getting so good (you can play this on your phone with good WiFi - an ActionScript 2 Flash game in 2020 might I add), it's been very motivating to make games in Flash again. I mean - you can see the Newgrounds Angryfaic in the background of this game showing my excitement for Flash essentially surviving the death of its Flash Player. :D

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Exactly the kind of stressful, self-deprecation inducing game I love.

My brain hurts, is really good but i think is hard
maybe im just dummy :y


To hard

rlly pog