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The Adventure Begins

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(This whole project was animated in Drawpile along with others. Most of these characters are not mine but they belong to the people listed in the credits. Many people don't know about the flipbook feature in Drawpile so you can probably imagine how hard it was to make this whole thing, which is why it looks undone.)

(Animation Originally Posted on 9/5/2020)


(Main) Animators:

, @vivalapk

, @CrimiiCrim

, @PepperTroopa

, @stardustjarr

, @ShujiAtatacha

, @HeroAustinV

, @nikahsalps

, @Hi_Im_Trashlord

Backgrounds: @vivalapk

Music: Me, And Jet Set Radio - Sneakman + Siivagunner Persona 3 - Changing Seasons

Cameos: @kseg3501

, @cheebins_

, @notfood

, @tofokyo

, @Wriizzyarts

, @giggsart

(There will most likely be no part 2 relating to this treasure map)

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Seems like you've struck a good balance in production value and have kept the animation at the forefront. Good use of audio as well.

That said, once the duo from the beginning went to meet everyone else, it definitely felt like visual overload. Not only was this expansive cast of new characters all drawn in slightly different ways and styles, but introducing them all at the same time made it difficult to tell what the viewer's eye was meant to be drawn to. This meant I missed a lot of these various gags, and while I can pause and go back, that interrupts the flow of the video.

TsumiBro responds:

Well said criticism. Y'know I was also thinking about all these flaws while working on this project in Drawpile Like how the one scene where they are sitting, there's more people on one side than the other so it throws off the balance and etc.... It sure was challenging from the beginning using a program that is not animation friendly. Still was fun while it lasted.

Looks good my dude keep it up.

This is amazing! The part where the two main characters were running in the distance, was that a reference to SpongeBob's "Employee of the Month"?

TsumiBro responds:

I can't really recall any references used besides the zelda reference lol.


This was done well i enjoyed it, a bit upset there will be no part 2 as i get why due to the animation issue. but overall i liked it.