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Tennis Tower

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Made with Edward Atkin.

Tennis Tower is a game about scaling a tower and picking up treasures along the way. It was made by the process known as "Gamedev Tennis", in which a dev makes a game and sends it to another dev who adds a level then sends it to the first dev who adds a level and sends it to the other dev etc etc etc. 

If you wish to do the same, consider joining this game jam.


  • WASD/Arrow keys: move around
  • Spacebar/left click/shift: jump (you need to unlock the jump powerup)
  • F4: fullscreen (Desktop only)
  • R: restart level

Additional challenge:

If you feel strong enough, try playing the entire game without ever opening chests (except the very last one, which contains the key to the ending)

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The first boss in hard mode is IMPOSSIBLE

adriendittrick responds:

yeah, you have to skip it! find the hidden entrance to the southeast

Never thought I would hear genesis sounding music in an indie game

adriendittrick responds:

I'm using the YM2612 VST , chich is an emulation of the chipset used in genesis :)