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Loose Ends: The Screaming Service

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Late at night, monsters try to sell Sammy and Maggie "screaming services".

This is the first episode of my new series Loose Ends and was completed back in March. Constructive feedback would be highly appreciated.

Even though this is just a test, if you'd like to know more and help support me, check out the Loose Ends Patreon:


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What a genius idea. :D Should've expected it from the title, but took me pretty much till the end of it until I realized the wordplay. That red guy was so fluently animated too... polished beyond his other monstrous character counterparts. Good fun.


It's got the charm that I've come to know and love from a Lenstarproduction, and it's fun to see a long and fleshed out episode.

(mild spoilers to those that haven't watched it all yet)

Comedy and script wise it's got good pacing and there isn't any large gaps between a joke or a visual gag, which is much appreciated. :)

Backgrounds are whimsical and the camera choices and screen direction all made sense. Good choice having a character look somewhere first if the camera axis was going to change, as that was something my animation teachers told my class about.

For the most part any suggestion I'd have for any kind of improvement to this episode would be minor nitpicks as opposed to anything overall.

Namely stuff like Mike Mash using his arms to burst open the closet doors during his first introduction as opposed to it being implied he kicked them open, or the ScareMeister reacting slightly with his body to the blinds being closed on him, and not just his eyes.
Things that keep a character stiff for too long, but I'm definitely not going to preach 'over-acting' to your team, as sometimes a character needs to be calm and be holding a pose.
And hey, you all seemed to strike a good balance already.

Each animator adding their own flair while still keeping to the overall style of the show is delightful, and makes this episode seem like a fun ongoing collab. I approve!

I like the animation its good :D

I love these animations you do, Jacob.

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