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Beginner 5 Points

Start playing the game.

Advanced 10 Points

Start picking up pace

Proficient 25 Points

git gut

Master 50 Points

Become one of the best virtual jugglers in the world

King of the keyboard 100 Points

reached a score of 100, phew what a try hard.

Author Comments


Welcome to QWER a game specifically designed for trying to focus in to a relaxing way. QWER is played using just 4 Keys namely the [Q], [W], [E] and [R] keys on your keyboard. However if played on mobile 4 virtual keys will present themselves. The goal of the game is to keep falling squares high by pressing the corresponding keys when colliding with the stationary squares.

The amazing background music was produced by Winter89 go check him out!

As to challenge myself even further I've written all of the code required to run this game in under 700 text characters, so... it even fits in to this commentary below.

See it's right down here! ↓

d=document,c=d.createElement("CANVAS"),x=c.getContext("2d"),onload=(t=>d.body.appendChild(c)),f=(t=>x.fillStyle=m[t]),s=(t=>x.font=t+"px Ariel"),m=["#35A","#47C"],v=p=h=b=0,g=!0,u="QWER",l=500,k=40,x.f=x.fillRect,x.t=x.fillText,setInterval(t=>{for(c.width=c.height=l,f(0),x.f(0,0,l,l),f(1),s(150),x.t(h,170,300),i=0;i<b;i++)(p[i]+=v[i]+=.5)>540&&(g=!0),f(1),r=10+50*i,x.f(r,450,k,k),x.f(r,p[i],k,k),f(0),s(30),x.t(u.split("")[i],r+6,480);g&&(f(0),x.f(0,0,l,l),f(1),s(90),x.t(u,30,100),s(k),x.t("Press any button to start",k,400))},20),onkeyup=(t=>{if(i={81:0,87:1,69:2,82:3}[t.which],g)return b=1,h=0,v=[1,1,1,1],p=[1,1,1,1],u="QWER Over",g=!1;p[i]>300?(v[i]=-17,h++,b<4&&h>10*b*b&&b++):g=!0});

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Checking it few months later, reached "R" and no medal unlocked? Leaderboard doesn't work as well. Either fucking fix it, or delete them.

You can make a game using 1 text character, that doesn't mean that you should do that.

No pause button, I cannot press anything because instant game over. As a matter of fact, no game over screen, simply restarts. I really hope that you're not planning on becoming a serious game developer. Better find another job, like picking strawberries, or cleaning toilets.

I am really sick of developers who put the lowest effort possible, and think that this is somehow "okay" or "acceptable"

EDIT: It seems like the medals work on chrome, but not firefox. Why? That's some really bad skills you have here

You know what, im being really nice with this review. It is a good virtual juggler, and being made by one person is a feat.

Alas, the sour part of this review has begun and oh boy, do she a pucker a mighty. The mobile version of the app...fuckin runs *whole audience stands and claps and sits* it has the fuckin buttons *whole audience stands and claps and sits*, hell, it even kind of works ...

But when it loads in mobile, it’s not a filled screen, super easy fix. The buttons... if you tested them bruh would be fire...but they are laggy.

Im just an asshole who checks neegrounds on his phone though. I don’t have computer RIP!

Just send her through the portal one more time! Remaster (maybe even retexture) the grip of the game a little!

Love the achievements!

Hm, nice game! But sadly, my phone has a delay to click the buttons on this game :( but this is not a game problem, so 4 stars

this needs a leaderboard

IF-dev responds:

Thanks for your feedback,

I'll keep it in mind for the next game that i'm making.

Sincerely, Kees van Beilen.

the idea is interesting, but it did not record my 250+ score run, which is sad

IF-dev responds:

Thanks for your feedback,

I’m sad to hear your score didn’t save.

Sincerely, Kees van Beilen.