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Missing Exhibits - Chapter 2

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Missing Exhibits is a short, retro-looking 3d adventure game.

Some museum items went missing recently. The media suspects some local thieves.

Your task is to keep your eyes on the exhibits during night, while collecting

the trash left by guests.

If the exhibits go missing, the button next to them should be pushed.


Mouse: Look

WASD: Move

Space: Jump

Right Click: Turn torchlight on/off

Left click: Use object

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I don't understand why you would make a game like this and then put creatures in it that kill you.

There is literally nothing you can actually do to avoid that.

blackgobygames responds:

Thank you for the feedback, yes, basically the idea was, that the player has to outmanuvre the creatures and push the "missing" button at their "exhibition place", and that's all the player can do to survive. In this version, there are a bit too much of them, and they do come a bit too fast, so it is quite hard, I'll try to balance it out better, and maybe add some options to keep them away.

Great game would recommend it.