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Starting Point

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A young southwest Arabian wall painter spends her days with her mother painting the village, and bringing life and color to her community. Until one day, an Oryx Kidnaps her mother and Corrupts the town! Will the little girl succeed in rescuing her mother and save the village?


It is with great pride that I present you all of you my thesis film, ‘Starting Point’.

بكل فخر أقدم لكم فيلمي القصير, "نقطة بداية" ان شاء الله ينال إعجابكم وأرحب برأيكم!

This film was done as my MFA thesis during my studies in DePaul University in Chicago, IL.

I made this film as a fairy tale to express feelings and address the extreme lack of hope in many young people. Especially in the Arab world and middle east, and a dialogue with myself to deal with how I feel about these events, what my place in the world and what I can do with my limited abilities. it is more of an allegorical fairy tale, that tries to address the question of hope and how to move on from tragedy.

I hope you enjoy this film, I hope to continue making animation shorts and cartoons, if you enjoy this work and wish to support me, please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel at: -


and I will be making more animation shorts in the future, if you wish to support my creative works please consider supporting my patreon, you will only be charged per-animation I create: -


You can find me at the following social media:-




Also big shout out to the cast and crew, and my dear friend Nick (www.twitter.com/rolling_plunder), without his help in cleanup this film would’ve taken much longer. And thank you to all the talent and faculty who helped me finish this film.

Feel free to share your thoughts and interpretations in the comments, I hope you enjoy it, thank you for watching.

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Hee resolve is my favorite part. It is cl>matic

This is beautiful

Really nice work

This animation was amazing great action some really nice scenes all came together well I have no changes at all for ideas as you pushed the limits here, Another good entry we have here, and its always a pleasure to find some interesting and appealing submissions like this, allthough some do need more effort, but still nice to find, and with this one I can tell the effort was done just needs a tad more effort on some areas, You have certainly made this entry interesting and Enticing so nice start here. I have also suggested some improvment ideas below.

I have no changes at all for ideas as you pushed the limits here


these visuals are absolutely astonishing

So powerful. I thought for sure it'd end in a brighter way, that she gets her mother (wasn't sure about the connection until I read the description though) back, and they bring color back to the world just like they did at the beginning, but maybe that would've been too simple; too predictable and plain, instead the odds just keep amounting...

It really gets dark in those final moments, but still there is hope. Love the ambiguity after all, and the torment of emotion that comes with it. Really didn't expect to feel so much! Started this thinking like it might be a reflection on the battle for inspiration, but that optional artistic struggle feels undeserving a mention after this.

Beautiful work. Artistic flair. Solid sound design too. So powerful.