Sidewinder Missile Path

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This was a small demo piece made in Flash MX I believe. It was an assignment for an advanced physics class where we had to write a computer program to simulate a specific event. We chose to simulate the flight path of a sidewinder missile following an airplane.

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It was kinda funny! make more vehicles to distroy and more weapons than it will be more fun!


Don't care how much code you put in it, not interesting. Tell you what, try to get an animating job with just that piece. Good Luck!

sorry but....

i see in your intro you were dissapointed with your responses cause of all the code you put into it. might i remind you, we are not judging you on your time and effort. we are judging you on the outcome of the movie. we cant just slap 5 points up every category cuz u put "code" into it. the audience needs entertainment and less technicality.


While I can appreciate the programming aspect of it you can’t really expect to put up something like that and expect people to appreciate it. I do. I couldn’t code shit in flash. I’ve worked on RPG’s and fighting games but I couldn’t do shit in flash. But you typical new grounds audience won’t understand the technical aspect of it. They typically enjoy violence and pretty colors. Now if you could use this code in a game then you’ll probably get the scores you deserve.

Not a bad piece of coding...

The basic coding has potential for being a good action game... But to do so would require variables that would allow the plane to escape... a cockpit-view flight-sim style dogfight game could easily be made out of this, where you have to fire the missile within a certain window of time or there won't be enough time for the missile to hit it's target... and if you miss, the planes double back for another encounter (and of course shoot at you) so it would be in your best interest to take them out quick, along with some other, secondary targets on the ground you have to be taking out in the meantime (or something). Beef up the graphics, add some sound, and a scrolling, timeline-based "mission" and you would have a really good, practical application of your code.

I have done quite a bit of coding myself in various languages, and have spent hours struggling with things like gravity, collision detection (in languages other than actionscript, where you have to write your own collision detection and there aren't any simple shortcuts to it) so I know what it can be like to get everything running together smoothly. And then people take a look at the work-in-progress and say "Um... yeah. It's a little guy who runs around the screen. He jumps and breaths fire, big deal... ooh, he can climb a ladder, whoopie..." but they don't know how much R&D went into getting the damned thing to recognize the difference between a ladder and floor, or a ladder and nothing... let alone writing the code to get him to climb up and down, and when to stop, etc... it can be very frustrating.

So to all of those people that voted low just because this seems simple on the surface... screw off. Try writing your own code if you're so damn smart.

Keep coding, but you should stay away from French. I saw that French movie you did (Licorice Shampoo or something) and all I have to say is... NO.

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2.60 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2003
9:20 PM EST
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