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Super Clock Ribbon ^_^

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So i was chilling and strawberry was all 'was wrong bro' and i was all 'dude nothin i am bored yo' and he was all 'dude sux y dont u go feed the homeless doodes at the homless shelter and was all dude they r all frozen it is winter and dead in the seweres and he was all oh ya ^_^ and so he was all dudx0rz Y not maik a video game? and i was all like what to make? and i lookies over at teh gift basket of jams and jellies i wuz gunna send wade n tom for being cool dudex0rz and i was all dud i cam make a ribbon game and strabewerry was all dude thats already been done thats retarded its called vib lemon or somethin and i was all "what?"

here u go B)

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Vib ribbon x Clock Crew is the collab I never knew I wanted. As stated in some comments below, it'll cause your vision to drift for a couple seconds after a level which is equal parts cool and scary.

very good

Fun, that's all I can say about this game.

That was awesome
Especially for 2003
I just found out about Vib Ribbon, so this was just a treat

very cool my eyes are still on scroll left but very cool!

Credits & Info

4.27 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2003
7:07 PM EST