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Price for Freedom: Scylla

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Scylla and Verona scenes from Price for Freedom: Avarice.

The full public build is available for free there: https://priceforfreedom.net/avarice

Feel free to publish this game elsewhere, here is the zip.

Price for Freedom: Avarice is an erotic cRPG set in the shared Price for Freedom universe. Enter our world in the role of Redic, a man looking to move on from his past and start a new life in the free trade city of Kaldea.

However, you find that starting anew isn't so simple in a region on the brink of all out warfare. You become entangled in political intrigue, gang warfare, and cults, all while under the watchful eyes of powerful individuals vying for control of the city before the regional powerhouse of Atlathka bring the war to a head.

Set 87 years before the events of the webcomic, Avarice will feature exploration, turn-based combat, party members, choices with consequences, and multiple companion characters with their own stories and relationships that culminate in sumptuous passion. Plenty of erotic content is available already with more planned to come.

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This game is shaping up to have a lot of potential. Really enjoyed it. Is the sound track an original score? I almost want to load this up and just let it idle so I can listen to the tavern music again.

Edit after response: Thank you! You have an amazing team. I can't wait to see how this ends up. :)

TeamDeadDeer responds:

Yes, the soundtrack was made for the game by Psyware: https://psyware.newgrounds.com/

Something new after a while. Time has no understanding in my mind. Anyway Thanks for reminding me to check the webcomic and to go back every once in a while. also it still takes a hell of a long time to load

Wish I could play the full game, your work is great!

How do you get the verona scene?

TeamDeadDeer responds:

When the innkeeper is looking away.

I tend to forget how in depth you make your stories because of the time it takes for you to upload the public build on this site, because of this I always end of being more interested in the story itself than the sex scenes because of how well you build the world for your fans and yourself.

TeamDeadDeer responds:

We do put a lot of effort into the writing and it's great to hear when it is appreciated, thank you.