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Haydee Can't Suck

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This one took a while to make, but here it is. My first attempt of a turn around animation idea. Starts off with dialogue/action between two characters. Where one character isn't into it, but something changes their mind. Hard cut/transition to the two characters going at it. 

I don't really know if it was a success. More practice will be needed. What do you think?

Haydee model by 1cedev_ and voiced by OolayTiger

Amanda (Ashley Williams with a penis) by Rigid3d and voiced by Free_Style_VA

Oolay, and Free Style did an amazing job. Make sure to go check them out if you haven't already.

You can support me on Patreon($3) if you so choose. Like, or retweet if you enjoyed my project. I also don't mind reading your input/comments.

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Great job!

Sexy! The cum was realistic, the voices sounded hot, sound effects were good, the dick girl had a slight pointiness in her butt cheeks as they were jiggling, nothing major though. The balls looked slightly different in color than her body. Great animation though!


This feels like a sexual comedy

IckyStickyAnimations responds:

I was trying to make the characters playful with some banter. I don't feel like I completely lived up to the quality of what was in my head. Also once I heard some of the voice lines from the actresses. It just made me cringe, and delete parts of the dialogue. For good reason.