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Originally uploaded on FurAffinity as a Flash animation, but this is the new and improved port to rouse, the animation engine I built with glorious HTML5, WebAssembly, WebGL and all those other buzzwords.

This is an interactive animation with HTML5 and WebGL and all that jazz. If the framerate is too low, refresh the page and pick a lower anti-aliasing option. If that isn't enough, try picking a lower resolution. You can try and press Alt + Enter to enter fullscreen, although on some systems it doesn't work sometimes.

If all else fails, you can switch to the video version and watch that instead. It's an in-engine recording of one playthrough.

There's also a desktop version here. For Windows everything is included, simply run dragonbloat.exe and off you go. For Linux and OSX you'll have to build the engine from source. All scripts are included, so you can hack on the animation and make it do different things. Take a look at scripts/cityscene.lua for example. Feel free to send me patches, I'm sure there's much that could be improved about the code given copious spare time.

All sounds used are either from the Public Domain or recorded by me. But as it says on the starting page: enabling sound is not recommended because it's bad. I'm clearly no sound designer and it's very much not fun to me to try and make things sound good. However, if you're interested in sound design and would like to work with me on some future animation, feel free to hit me up.

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Is this how babies are made?

askmeaboutloom responds:

Only dragon babies I think.

Credits & Info

2.53 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2020
5:00 PM EST
  • Paint Tool SAI
  • Gimp
  • Emscripten
Misc. Kit
  • Lua
  • Perl