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Fapwall 0.5

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Guys just switch your date before june 12 if the newgrounds player dont work, idk why but its like magic, spread the mesage

can you make please goat characters from undertale/deltarune

how do i drag the game file into the game? or the player thing idk help

Love this. It's already great, just feels like some things are missing. Penis orgasms with the character in the wall are one big thing I noticed, they never cum. If that's added, I suggest that there's a "gravity" effect depending on whether the penis is facing up or down; if facing up, it lands on the character. If facing down, it sprays down and some lands on the wall.
Maybe also some customization on the penis as well, or the ability to have both a penis and a vagina displayed at once, since the game kind of acts like it's there but just never shows it. I did also see that there seems to be no difference between the "Cum 1" and "Cum 2" options for the wall.
Aside from that, the number of characters already available are plentiful. I mean, there's even a bobblehead nurse, piranha plant, and an alien in there! Only complaint that I have in the character department is that some of my own favourites weren't on there, but then that's not really a valid complaint lol. (*cough* Rem *cough*)
Big fan of the fact you can have three characters on your screen at once. I think it'd be cool if you could have an unlimited amount with the ability to scroll left and right through them, just to have a full collection of people visible at once. The options of customization already available to you are plentiful, since all the pieces (tattoos, clothing, lips, skin color, etc.) that make up each character can be mixed. Finally, there's 4 positions, but considering that the game is focused on wall-sex, that's already a plentiful amount, so I think the game is already good on positions, unless the next version somehow adds something like spitroasts. Not sure how that'd work on this type of game though.
Keep up the great work, I'm really gonna be looking forward to version 0.6.

still won't play