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Oregon trail but I only had 3 hours

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This game is mobile-compatible!

This is Oregon trail, except I only had 3 hours to make it.

Prepare for a trip to Oregon with your family which will go through 10 nameless cities so you can claim some land at the end.

Try not to die of dysentery.

I initially planned on making this in 1 hour, but making simulation games is HARD so it took 3 hours instead. Watch the full gamedev process here.

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adriendittrick responds:

it happens a lot

I won first try. This pleases me much.

I made it with everyone except for the father, who died immediately from first poison plants then dysentery, and how? By getting lucky and getting 500 food from the first hunt, then randomly getting bullets, medicine and food along the way. I LOVE THIS!

adriendittrick responds:

Thanks for playing this and congrats on keeping everyone alive (except your dad who nobody likes anyway)

I WILL GO IN WITH 100 BULLETS NOTHING ELSE Edit: i cant be american i guess Edit part 2:That is a oddly effective strategy

adriendittrick responds:

You need bullets AND a bunch of food to be american.
But also then everyone will die from dysentery because your medical plan sucks ass.

"Alright, let's not have an oxen die the next run"
*An oxen dies not even 3 seconds later
"God damnit! Jerry, nooo!"

adriendittrick responds:

it happens