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Twoex: Overcoming Reality|EP 1: Senseless Violence|

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This is the first episode of ''Twoex: Overcoming Reality''

At first I wanted this episode to be longer, around 20 minutes long but due to complications it needed to be cut in half. It only took 5 months to animate this. Another month was needed for editing small things, adding sound effects and music. No voice acting due to budget limitations but that can change in the future.



JuvenileRex - https://twitter.com/juvenilerex?s=09

Euphionia - https://twitter.com/euphionia?s=09


SKU!L - https://twitter.com/SkullPioneer?s=09

Secrona - https://twitter.com/TheSecrona?s=09

Rustysoup - https://twitter.com/rustysoup?s=09

Censored version here:


The editor wasn't a good one, in many occasions what ever we had edited, it would change back to the original for no reason. So there are some things that were overlooked. I'm just a little surprised that I overlooked the dialogue. There won't be any more episodes of this until we can afford a new editor. I would also like a better animation program but that isn't in my priority list. If you want to help then you could contact me privately and either donate some money via PayPal or CashApp (I also have Venmo but have never used it) Thank you for reading!

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This was amazing!
Besides having no Voice acting
This was really good!