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Nested Catapults

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Devblog - QuietBenchZen.com

Postmortem - www.QuietBenchZen.com/game-jams-sleepy-tower-defense-and-nested-catapults/

Originally created for Weekly Game Jam #172, "Catapult", but has since been updated. Details of the updates can be found in the update devlog here.


  • Kenney - All art assets


  • SmartSoundFX - Forest/Snow Ambience
  • GameMaster Audio - Rain Ambience, Win Sound, Confirm Rotation/Power Sound
  • WOW Sounds - Loss Sound
  • EvilMind - Catapult Sound


  • Kenney - Kenpixel High

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the idea is not bad. but it needs polishing. for example when you have 4 catapults the second one is very underpowered compared to the first and third. Some kind of visual feedback (besides the text) on finishing or dying would give some charm as well as a reward/incentive.

QuietBenchZen responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah I tried to make the force more consistent across the catapult shots but I think I need to read up on some of the unity physics details to get them exactly the same. The worst offender is the final shot that goes way further than the previous ones. I think it has something to do with fixed joints that I was using to effectively fuse the catapults together.