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StarFox Fox McCloud x Fara Phoenix Porn Parody! (MrSafetyLion 18+)

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StarCrossed Again

Animation by MrSafetyLion

Concept by MrSafetyLion

While chilling in the island resort of love, Fox meets an old flame... This flame might be a little too hot to handle

You can't spell SEX without EX

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I am your biggest fan! Love your work as always! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Gotta feeling there's gonna be a makeup threesome hehehe

mrsafetylion responds:

It's not cheating when everyone is ok with it 👍

wow he thrusts inside her then end shes looks surprised ?

I really hope we do get to see Fay and Miyu from StarFox 2 in the future

Cool animation! They need faster movement speed, and more jiggle, also his cock felt wiggly when it was going in and out. Great otherwise! I thought it was a dick move of him to look at the other fox girl's picture while receiving head from her, just saying.

mrsafetylion responds:

Ah for faster movement, you check my Furaffinity with other links because in other sites there's the speed up option.

His cock might be half hard given he's used to banging Krystal

Looking at Krystal while getting sucked can give people their own opinions, does he do it to get hard, is he trying to remember Krystal to not go with the sex, is he more in love with Fara etc, it's up to the viewer to what they are happy with 👍