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Roblahblahblah CronenBob

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You know what Rob doesn't get? People's fear of the body horror genre. The Cronenbergs, the melty fused-with-random-stuff type. It looks gross, sure, but does it deserve the fear that it garners from people? We explore that in this lengthy rant. We also see some cameos from other characters of mine!

If you guys like the music here, it's available to Patrons of mine on Patreon. As is a bunch of other behind the scenes media. Check it out! https://www.patreon.com/bobert_rob

Well, this one took a while to produce. Can you guess why? The animation starts simple enough, but the idea was basically to have it spiral out of control with the inclusion of other versions of Rob. I had a lot of fun producing it, but animating all the different body parts was quite the challenge. Coming up with changes to the background and producing 8 minutes of music in a single day was pretty challenging too. I think I delivered the goods this time around, though.

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Too many Robs. I can only take so many. That is why you should do a series of all these Robs living together all sitcom-style.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Oh yes, and the world can ignore it together. Good stuff. I'll just keep shoving my Robathon down people's throats, haha. Hand the baton to myself over and over and win the race no one's hosting. Totes.