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Orla's Ear Worm

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It's halloween night! Orla walks home with a bag bursting with her favourite sweets, looking forward to a quiet night in.

Download the soundtrack here:


30/10- Thanks for the frontpage <3

31/10 - Daily 2nd!!! Thanks yall

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ear worm is a bitch (kinda)

This is such an amazing piece of work! The concept is so wonderfully weird! The monster designs kind of remind me of Tim Burton, in a sense (though that might just be due to Ear Worm's black and red stripes). Every movement each character makes is so full of energy, whether subtle or pronounced; it helps make the freaky moments that much more unnerving. The timing of the jokes and scares is impeccable. Really looking forward to your future works!

Whoa this was sweet! I loved the tone and vibe of the whole thing. The animation was really neat and bouncy. The color choices and backgrounds were also superb and made the whole thing feel cozy, it kinda reminds me of some mid 2000 animations I've seen, I'm not sure how to describe it. The music and sound design was really fitting too. The only criticism I can make is regarding some of the impact. I feel like you could have done to add more of some sort of feedback, like when she struck the ground or when she got chomped on, as I saw it I had a hard time registering what happened, because it blended in with the rest of the movements without much to really differentiate it, and it made the impact feel weaker. Overall this was very good though. Nice job!

yo that mosquito wasn't even doing anything wrong and it just got attacked

So good. I love anything with bugs.
A really great job.

Credits & Info

4.57 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2020
1:47 PM EDT

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