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BSV Ch. 001 - The Blood Returns (La Sangre Vuelve)

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A disgraced archeologist seeks to redeem his reputation by locating an ancient Mesoamerican artifact he's spent his life seeking. With the recently acquired help of his new "mysterious friend", they venture into the depths of the Metropolitan Cathedral, located in the heart of Mexico City.

BSV (Blood Sun Vendetta) is a fan-made animation project based on the world of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventures".

To learn more about the project, or to help support the production:



Ricepirate.com (I'm pretty inconsistent with updating this, but it's got additional info)


Links to the awesome folks that helped in the production:

Gregzilla - https://www.youtube.com/user/Gregzill...

Herzsplater - https://twitter.com/Herzspalter

Ralph MacSavage - https://twitter.com/RalphMacSavage

Jorge Gonzalez - https://twitter.com/Antonjorch

JJBASoundDesign (unofficial) - https://twitter.com/JJBASoundDesign

Ash - no link :/

I want to thank every supporter, patron, friend, viewer, ANYone who's been waiting for some progress to drop. Thank you guys so much for your patience on this one. The following chapters are going to be much shorter, and have a much faster turnaround time...and hopefully in time, if I can get a team together, we'll move this story along much faster, as I've already got 18 chapters boarded :D, anyway... no time to celebrate. Back to work!


To be continued...

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What a hella bizarre adventure

Awesome job there. Must’ve taken a while.

music makes it hella good


How could i miss it! Pure gold!