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Together Again 0.1.8

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An erotic game involving a girl in need of sexual healing.

Started development in July 2020.

For the latest version, bonus stuff and to help me live, support me on Patreon; https://www.patreon.com/pinktea


4-9-2020: Version 0.1.1

- Added work: Cooking

- Added Quest 0 (mug break)

-Added camera toggle on settings menu

- Added Start Screen background

- Added memory button

- Added outfit: Gothic

- Fixed bug where Setting Menu did save music volume change

16-9-2020: Version 0.1.2

- Added Quest 2 (Park)

23-9-2020: Version 0.1.3

- Added arousal stat

- Added Bath scene

- Added BJ to TV scene (requires at least 80 arousal to appear)

25-10-2020: Version 0.1.4

- Added Quest 3 (first time)

- Added Bedroom sex (BJ only)

- Added various dialogues for rank 3

26-10-2020: Version 0.1.4b

- Fixed some minor bugs

7-11-2020: Version 0.1.5

- Fixed quests for memories; your choices lead to the correct scene, but are not saved.

- Added Study (Work) - rank 2+

- Added Feet (Punishment) - rank 3+

- Added parfait option to Eat At Table scene

- Added heart eyes when arousal exceeds 90 (Evening after work scene)

24-11-2020: Version 0.1.6b

- Added quest 3 (beach)

- Added dialogues and variations for rank 4

7-12-2020: Version 0.1.7

-  Added shop(Work) - rank 3+

- Added bath HJ - rank 3+

- Added Headpat (reward) - rank 4+

- Adjusted Arousal stat a little so it’s easier to increase

10-12-2020: Version 0.1.7b

- Adjusted Arousal stat a little so it’s easier to increase

- Standing facial expression changes when happy, normal, sad or hungry.

23-12-2020: Version 0.1.8

- Added hot wax punishment (from rank 5+ - you must cheat from main menu to unlock)

- Added steak to eat at table (from rank 3)

-Added Sex to bedroom sex scene (at end of BJ part, select from the options)- rank 4+

- Added rank 5 dialogue

Thank you!

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Too easy to play, but fascinated by the unique game stories and high-quality H scenes.

Wow. I never thought I would feel this way for a hentai. It was really deep and overall extremely good and emotional.

pinktea responds:


Utterly love the game. So here's an honest review.
The story isn't quite complete yet but that start was something powerful, it was honestly to god heart wrenching and I heavily empathized with Clara. Not knowing what to do other than breaking yourself down to try again is something not many people experience but those that do know her position. After that you can either make it two, to threeish different paths. And those are biased on the players choice and perspective of the characters and their world.
This is a big part in most drawn or animated game and I have to say, @pinktea you've done more than a phenomenal job on the art. Honestly the art style is amazing. You can definitely see the love being put into this.
Overall very good, reminds me of old visual novels and has branching paths with consequences, can't ask for more.
Overall Score;
For it being not finished and plenty more on the way this definitely get a 9/10, have found any flaws but due to it still being unfinished and not knowing what it'll look like in the future it loses a point other than that, wonderful job yet again Pinktea!

pinktea responds:

Thanks for the review.

Later on I plan to make 2 (maybe 3) distinct paths/routes which will lead to very different stories and endings. But later on in development.

Pinktea will never disappoint, the sheer effort and quality put into these games puts literally every other porn or hentai game to shame. Looking forward to the finished product.

pinktea responds:

I just do my best. thanks