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Hey, Luigi.

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I've seen so much "shitass" videos on Twitter, so I decided to make a Mario version.

Of course, in late 2000s animation style. Who else would I be?

(Original audio by SplinkySplonk on TikTok, Sprites by Nintendo)

(Sorry mobile guys, it's .swf, so it's not for you. Wish there was a way to have .swf and a .mp4 version at the same time)

It's not even 1MB, so viewing this should be a breeze on PC :)

Also, I've found out how to fix the lag. So from now on these second channel to newgrounds ports will be better.

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this is very good, and it reminded me of those old mario brothers games that i played on that nintendo machine.
luigi seemed a bit tall in here, but its OK i accept it

I'm In 2008


i'm back in 2008, it's summer and my friends and i are watching some shity newgrounds animations, thanks for the feels man

This sucks