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Cute Neighbour

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It's finally here! After months working on this game, i'm really happy to finally submit it!

This is the free version of the game. I decided to upload it before i complete the patrons' downloadable version, because of "flash will no longer be supported after december 2020" reasons. So, if you liked this game, support me on Patreon for near future access of the extended version of this game (with more features on the sex scenes), and, surely, for more games to come!

Special thanks to all my patrons, to Mr. Tom Fulp, to @AmeAfterDark for the voice acting, to @Seth for the music, and to the BBS users who agreed to participate in the game's eastereggs (including @Mitchelf, who did the awesome Lord Usurthamal's artwork).

Please feel free to comment, critique, curse, point bugs if there are any.

I hope you enjoy it!


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It's okay, I feel like the artwork/sex scenes are good but the work to get to it just isn't worth it in the end, though the dialogue was fucking hilarious, I look forward to see what else you make in the future

Do you know how to cum in her pussy with this game: https://gamesfuckgirls.com/game.php?i=1001 ?

Wow 1 picture in the "Hentai" folder and it looks like it was done in Windows Paint. He's old alright, they used them magazines and such. Also "poor people's coffee" and other options are funny.

Rooms that matter: 172 (yours), 32 (hers), 113 (writer), 121 (cake maker), 13 (the actual drug dealer), 18? (money).
Or you could "Talk" to Herman (the doorman at floor 0) for this information.

What I like:
- Thank goodness for the Checkpoint after you enter your house.
- Holy crap, Spongebob really does live in the third floor. I thought it was a joke.
- You can ring the crap out of any doorbell and no-one gets angry.

What I don't like:
- Any wrong answer (at first) is an instant Game Over. This makes sense if she dies, as some of the options are pretty crazy but come on.
- Her crab-ass position (when she's playing) is pretty weird, but I guess it's to get a good look at that ass.
- Slow elevator, it's fine the first time but that's a major slowdown.

I'm not going to finish this, it takes too long. Nice game though.

The game was fun but can't get the drug dealer to come out properly I ring twice and it keeps giving me the same text.

I never even got to the romantic scene, I was too busy laughing at the dialogue, nice one :D