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Wily Shorts #4

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In another attempt to create robot masters, Wily makes one of the most sadistic ones of all, and Cut Man has the honor of meeting him. Who is this creation? This is another small snipit that adds to the Wily Shorts Collection. Only 3 left!


What will Dr. Wily think of next? Cute Cutman!

Well, since I haven't been review as much lately, it was nice to watch this short again and refresh my memory. Nice animation Andrew! I love that Dr. Wily created another Robot Master that is, although funny and stupid, would become another classic in the Pattison book. I love the voices that you did with Dr. Wily and Cutman. It was funny that Dr. Wily created "Blood Balloon Man!" It would also be funnier if Dr. Wily actually decided that if his creations aren't going to defeat the Blue Warrior, then he would have to defeat Megaman himself. It would be like the Wile E. Cyote cartoons that I watched on my DVD player! Also, I love your art style on these shorts! Well made animation Mr. Dickman! The " Cute" and yet " gross" animation was, in my opinion, well animated and hillarious at the same time. So, good job for the work! Well, I'm going to bed, so, thanks for this quick refresher buddy, I hope I'll see you again and may God be with you! And also, tell Cutman, if you have the time, to say hi for me!

"Oh my lord!" - Cutman
"That's the last time I will ever create Blood Balloon Man!" - Dr. Wily
"Blood Balloon Man? Sheesh! Does Dr. Wily ever create something that can defeat that Blue Robot once and for all?" - Elecman
"I guess not." - Cutman
"Well, it's pretty pathetic if you know what I'm saying!" - Elecman
"Well, what you would you do if you created a big bubble that pops blood right at your face?" - Cutman
"Just don't ask my friend just don't ask." - Elecman

Oh My Lord

Woooooooooooooooooooooosh *step back*
Oh my lord...
Thats the last time i'm creating blood balloon man!


"that's the last time i made blood ballon man", plain funny!


lol blood ballon man....lol! stupid dr willy lol!

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nice indeed very funny joke...

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3.90 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2003
4:54 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 2nd Place January 9, 2003