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Hour of the Wolf

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Death Inversion 10 Points

use 20k points to lower death counter

Pumpking 10 Points

defeat the pumpkin king

Gravekeeper 25 Points

defeat the gravekeeper

Prince of Bats 50 Points

take revenge on the bat prince

Zombie Prisoner 50 Points

release the zombie prisoner

Parasite Mutant 100 Points

end the failed experiment

Return to Zero 100 Points

beat the game with a death count of 0

The Professor 100 Points

defeat the lord of this castle

Author Comments


201022_1251: bugfixes, reduced hp of most enemies

201023_0414: more checkpoints in graveyard area

201023_1944: backflip is now a doublejump

It had long been decreed to never enter too deep into the forest for fear of disturbing the terrifying creatures that dwelt within. However, a new lord has taken up residence in a ruined castle on the forests edge and begun to reach into that forbidden territory. Do you have the strength and courage to end his mad reign of terror forever?

Default Controls:

ArrowKeys - Move

Z - Attack / Accept

X - Jump / Cancel

C - Dash

Enter - Pause

If you would like to help support this and the development of future games a purchase of the executable would be greatly appreciated. Also consider joining the patreon of ecojak and/or RainbowCemetery for a little bonus content and to help us keep moving onward.

Happy Halloween :O

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Awesome game got stuck in the area where there so many tiny skulls and spiders after awhile i forgot which buttons did what lol

i thought it was fun then again i loved castlevania although i didnt get the last medal eventhough i defeated him and my fingers hurt too damn much to try again cuz your games always flare it up. nice job im glad you didnt give a set number of lives because holy hell its a hard game.

I don't think even the original castlevania trilogy has this much bullshit level design in it. I get that you're going for that "nintendo hard" feeling, but towards the end of the game it gets more frustrating than fun. There is no reason that I should be dying 20+ times in a row to the same boss.

I'm mainly salty about the last boss, which again, took me at least 20 attempts to beat. The boss is more luck than skill. Wanna know why? Let's take a look at his attack patterns. To start, you have the guy spamming attacks at either end of the screen, all of which deal insane knockback, and the longer he is alive, the more shit gets spammed onto the screen. The only way I've found to deal with this phase without tanking your health to near zero is to spam the hourglass and wail on him relentlessly.

In the second phase, he spams attacks from every other boss in the game, which is cute and all, but when you can't predict what attack he will use, there are problems that arise. For example, the tongue attack from the previous level's boss will hit you if you're standing too close. You have to jump to avoid it. But it comes out so fast, and with no warning, that you have to pre-emptively jump JUST IN CASE he does it. The problem with that is that he could also just use the bone attack, which will hit you if you jump. So you can stand still and get hit (or not get hit) based on RNG, or you can jump and get hit (or not get hit) based on RNG. It's an unpredictable clusterfuck and the only way to beat him is to get lucky.

That's my problem with this game: it's unpredictable, and it's not because it's RNG, nor for a lack of effort on my part. It's because the enemies do not telegraph all of their attacks. You can't use the fact that it's a love letter to castlevania as an excuse for this design flaw. Unfair =/= hard. You had the sense to avoid resetting the player to the beginning of the game after an arbitrary number of deaths; you should have also animated telegraphs into the enemies' attacks. That's not hard. That's just bad game design.

On an unrelated note, the achievements are broken. I only got the pumpking achievement despite beating the game. See screenshots. You should look into that.


Edit: I originally said I died 45 times to the boss, but actually I wasn't counting. 45 was just my total death count and I was salty, so I just said 45. Actual death count was probably closer to 20, hence the edit to 20+

RainbowCemetery responds:

refreshing the page and restarting should unlock any achievements that didn't go thru while you were playing


I could use the weapons you win. like a botam to change "the weapon you are going to use" or the weapon in the box below, or the normal attack of the wolfmen