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The Office

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

(This is my first 3d game, sorry that it's a little rough)

Note: The game will freeze for a second when you click play, just be a little patient.

I'm not sure Unity is exporting my projects into webgl correctly, because these builds are coming out with little differences like mouse sensitivity, frame rate, post processing strength, and other little things that are exhausting to track down.

Let me know what you think! I know the design is sloppy and unpolished, this was mostly just to see if I can make a functional 3d game. The polish will come in future games! For now, please keep feedback to gameplay, bugs and performance issues as opposed to art direction :) Thanks for playing!


Fell asleep at the office I guess. But I don't work at an office...


  • WASD to move, Mouse to look.
  • C to toggle crouch
  • Shift to sprint
  • Q to drop a paperclip (you only have a pack of 50 or 100)
  • F to toggle flashlight
  • R to replace flashlight batteries (flashlight will turn off when battery hits 0)
  • E to pick up batteries (scattered around map)


  • You can juke the monster by crouching under the vents (the only one so far is by spawn).
  • You need to collect a key before you can exit the maze
  • Decorations are usually indicators that you're in the right place.
  • The secret medals are sprinkled throughout the maze


  • 1.1 - removed motion blur, changed some build settings to improve performance.



  • Programming
  • Maze Model


  • Main Theme Song


  • One of the monster's audio layers

Unity Asset Store

  • 3D Assets

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i can't escape, BUT TODAY I WIIILLLLLL!!!!!!!!

larrynachos responds:

Nobody has so far... perhaps i need to adjust the maze a bit.

Has the right building blocks in place for a decent game, but unfortunately kind of has an amateur design to it that kinda killed my fun. Collision was choppy, walls and lighting were glitchy and weird, and there were a lot of confusing elements to the gameplay like why my flashlight kept turning off and the controls weren't explained. Unfortunately, I couldn't really figure out how to win: the monster always seemed to home in on me perfectly no matter what and while I could dip into the 'safe zone' by crouching under this gate to lose him, he'd always move towards the exit upon losing me so he was always barring my path. From what I could tell, the maze layout was so straight forward with not enough branches or loops I could use to get behind him, so it seemed impossible to win. The star of the show here is definitely the music: it's so intense the way it builds up when the monster gets closer and closer until you see the red lights and then bam, u ded! Heart is in the right place, just needs a bit of polish to it!

Great but Scary 10.5/10

Well, I couldn't play fairly since the start for different reason:
1) There is no pause button if I want to change quality settings in order to ''boost'' my pc.
2) Sounds are way too high and if I want to play to a different volume, I have to presse ESC and then the volume button.
3) Models are good, but still slow down my pc.

Try to improve a bit and I will, for sure, play this.

larrynachos responds:

I released an update yesterday that considerably lowers the visual quality of the game. If you're still getting a gross amount of motion blur, you'll need to clear the cache and reload the game :)

I guess I don't really think about volume cause I have a knob on my interface that I just turn down, I'll see if I can make a pause menu with a volume setting. I'm not sure I'd know how to implement custom graphics options, but I'll try to lower the quality more if you're still having problems!

It was really nice to see a 3d game playing on a browser. Really good work with the music. Thank god for going easy with the jump scare, it was easy to know that the ghost was near. So I did not freak out a lot.

It was hard to navigate through the maze, the navigation could use some more work to make it smooth.

larrynachos responds:

I hate jumpscares, so I tried playing on the feeling of helplessness rather than cheap scares.

How are you having trouble navigating? It's standard fps controller movement.

Thanks for the review!

Credits & Info

3.32 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2020
3:03 PM EDT