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Sexy Shuriken Struggle (Version 0.2)

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Latest Version!

Thank you to everyone who played SSS (Version 0.1)! The game has come a long way since we first submitted it to Newgrounds! Over the the past weeks/months, we made updates to that release, improving the gameplay/controls based on the feedback, and adding a more rewarding Payback Mode. In Version 0.2 we added a brand new character/chapter to the story! We hope you enjoy fighting Mandarinia! If you're looking for less of a challenge, feel free to use the green tissue box cheat. :)

This game is s joint project with TDMBP, and is part of our quest to create a bunch of lewd adult games with original art , characters, and music. We hope you enjoy it, and please consider supporting our ongoing projects!

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people think this is hard?

Very sexy ninja game, hard but rewarding with sexy dialogue and lesbian sex!

this was hard you dont wanna know how bad i smashed my keyboard

This game is really unforgiving, especialy for lag, i know i have an old laptop but even if i do it at the first moment posible it still doesnt reflect it. I would recommend making this a bit more lag friendly somehow or just easing up on the difficulty.