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Strip A Girlfriend

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A parody game of Rental Girlfriend!

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Rock wins erey time B^)

I'm sorry, but this doesn't quite do it for me. I mean, there's potential here, but it's just not good at its current state.

I mean, the entire "gameplay" of the game revolves around doing rock-paper-scissors until either the cute girl takes her clothes off or you lose, so it's all a crapshoot. Since the entirety of the gameplay revolves around that, the appeal of the game lies exclusively on how good the lewdies are and, well...

This game is rather anemic in lewdies, to say the least. I mean, you get to see the character model of the lovely lady slowly losing her clothes (with no animation), and she's quite cute and well drawn in these. Then there's a simplistic animation if you win that's not nearly as arousing and interesting, and that's that. There's way too few lewdies to justify sitting through a million rounds of RPS, and the ending is simply not worth it.

So yeah, that's that. Also, every single turn of RPS takes way too long, with this drawn out animation that didn't have to be there. Other than that, a hide HUD button would be nice, since it occults most of the girl's lower body.

The person who made the art for this game is a talented and skilled hentai artist that I really enjoy, so I can't help but wonder what happened here. Maybe if you guys learned to use that skeleton rigging thing so many hentai games use, that'd allow you guys to make more varied hentai scenes without having to draw stuff frame by frame?

game is cool until end scene,idk,not worth maybe?


Dogshit game design, even for a porn game. I get its properly tagged and the art is nice, but when you can't even see it due to losing to a random chance game 3 times in a row why even bother.

Credits & Info

3.20 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2020
11:25 PM EDT

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