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Dr. Good's Operating Theatre 2020

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It's October 2020, Dr. Good is performing experiments on artists he has captured. He loves to observe creativity and share his insight on what makes artists so BEAUTIFUL and DUMB. SO GRAB SOME POPCORN AND WATCH THIS YEARS ANIMATION COLLAB MOTHERFKAZ!!!!!!

Thanks for everyone who took part in this! This was fun.

You are all great.


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This was pretty creepy.
Perfect for the season.
Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Good sound like the dude from Postal 2, everyone did great, I loved every single animation!

I got some Tales from the Crypt vibes from the host, maybe a bit edgier. In all, the animations were decent and the voice acting was also pretty good in this. Keep on working hard and hope to see more from you people. OH and happy halloween!

DannyGoodShirt responds:

Thanks for watching! Happy Halloween 🎃

The setup was pretty weird. I wasn't expecting an anthology series to be like that. It's still rather nice. Seems like something from the SCP-Foundation. You know, the setup. The best segment was probably the second in-Universe.

I just didn't think it was that good. It needed to be more creative. Still worth watching. Good for Halloween. Everything's scary this year.

DannyGoodShirt responds:

Next year we’ll make it just for u I promise to make u proud sir! Thanks for watching!

Who did the witch one?

DakNJaxterLazerNails responds:

That one was mine.

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4.04 / 5.00

Oct 19, 2020
12:41 AM EDT