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Vanilla's Chaotic Bind

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Author Comments

Vanilla the rabbit, doing chores in the kitchen, gets ambushed by an ancient liquid entity, resulting in... lots of tentacle fun!

Created by eXcito Lewdworks



Voice by SirenSlut


Commissioned by Chacumera

⚠ Warning ⚠

If you have trouble with the game not starting, consider playing it NOT in Incognito mode or try out the Desktop builds on the itch.io link further down below

Royalty-free music by:

Desk-Top Mafia - http://desk-top-mafia.com/

Soundscape - (Murasato Shota)

  • Hotkeys

C Key : Toggle Chromatic Aberration (Default: On)

H Key : Hide/Show UI (Intro & In-Game)

N Key : Next Scene

B Key : Previous Scene

I Key : Cum Inside Scene

O Key : Cum Outside Scene

(Desktop Versions Only)

Escape Key: Quit

Alt+Enter or F11 Key: Toggle Fullscreen/Window (Default: Fullscreen)

V Key: Toggle VSync (Default: On)

* Move your cursor at the top left corner anytime 

 to show the button to toggle background music on/off

  • Standalone Desktop & Mobile Versions

Download Desktop & mobile versions (Windows/Mac/Android) for free on itch.io!

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kill me i want to die

Omfg this is soo good!

It doesn't appear to work on iPhone

lord forgive me with for what im about to do.