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Ascentrium | the Finale

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►ASCENTRIUM is an anime sci-fi series.

► The story begins in the future, where a civilization known as the Ascentrians built their own paradise on the moon before the Earth was destroyed by reasons unknown. With the righteous in the Ascentrium, and the survivors living below the surface of the Earth in the Sankt, 'heaven' and 'hell' exist on a physical plane.

But supernatural entities are making themselves known, and soon the two split worlds realize that fate is bringing them together once again.

► Ascentrium was directed, animated, scored, and scripted by Tom Doughty and the Animatrium Studio.

►Follow us:

Facebook: Animatrium Studio

Instagram: Animatrium Studio

►Any feedback and criticism is welcomed and appreciated! Please stay tuned to the series and enjoy.

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So this story has come to an end. What can I say? Congrats. And thanks. It was a pleasure to follow. Well done.

AnimatriumStudio responds:

It was a pleasure to have you follow closely Remile, I really appreciate your feedback and viewship!

WOW! What an amazing series! It might've not had the best graphics or the best voice acting, yet it was so beautiful! The story, the characters, the interactions, the lines, all were an amazing combination to create something that I already miss and want to see more of. Given this was made by one person during quarantine, I can't help but say that this is the best one person series I've seen so far! It took about 2 hours in total, I know this was a huge project that you made, with so many hours put into it, and you probably feel a little weird that it came to an end, but I can only say one thing about that: It was a beautifully amazing series and I can't wait to see what you'll make next!
I hope that you, your family, and whoever helped make this series possible stay safe during these trying times. If you got time, maybe make another series :) If not, it's okay, as long as you stay happy and safe!
My though on this episode: The music overpowers voices, yet very beautiful! Arc always saves the day :D I love Arc the liberator XD It didn't occur to me the tower that the aliens mentioned is this one, good conclusion! I thought it ended abruptly with Hoast, though very realistic, I would've liked to see some face off between Hoast and Arc (longer fight) for dramatic purposes. Gruesome way to go out though, he might've deserved it, but I couldn't help but feel bad for him, ouch!

AnimatriumStudio responds:

It's my first big undertaking animation wise, and I'm glad you recognized it as such, decampo. It was really great to have you follow along! I only wish there was more of the story for you to sink your teeth further into but this is it... for now! There could always be more! And it would be thanks to your generous watching and attention to detail. It's more than an animator could ask for.

It does feel weird that it's come to an end but it's a story I always really wanted to tell and now I've finally done it! Thank you so much for the praise over the previous two months, it kept me uploading and regimented.

We hope that you stay safe too during these crazy times. It's not been easy for anyone.

Your notes: thank you ! The music certainly does need to be adjusted. The ending was indeed abrupt especially considering the slow build over the course of the series. I would've loved to see those two fight as well! Definitely would be a great battle. The fact that you felt some humanity for Hoast is great for me as a storyteller because I really wanted to make each character, whatever side they're on, to seem more than one-dimensional. Hoast had his reasons, just like all villains do in the real world.

Again, I can't thank you enough for investing your time and attention to the series. Stay safe and good luck, decampo! Your words kept me going during this difficult time.

OMG, this is the finale? I need to watch episode one! Looks good though.

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3.12 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2020
12:14 AM EDT