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My Lust Wish - Masturbating on Wooden Horse

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Play at: www.patreon.com/MyLustWish

v0.2 out now!

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I wish there was more masturbating video like this. I wish it was long enough for us to see her cum.

Next do the stretcher

The butt plug was too shiny in the first angle it was shown, I couldn't tell what it was. Those were torture tools used to slowly cut a person in half from privates up in the middle ages.

The metal edge needs to be much more rounded for this to switch from being a means of execution and torture to being a BDSM play thing. Probably even be switched to being plastic for the whole thing.

The original use of these was to cut someone in half by tying weights to their legs and sitting them on the sharpened metal blade.
As they squirmed from the initial discomfort, they'd slowly saw themselves in half.
(Or, well, they'd cut open their groin and start bleeding out. Some cases got up to the pelvic bone)