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Twerk it off baby!

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This is a historic moment for Lustgard!

We acutally made her twerk!

But I am still hungry to improve. 

First, the animation was intended to be longer and that was what probably caught me off guard when it comes to the hair.

Second, the hair and shower mist was hard making it loop, but in the future I will improve and continue to seek perfection.


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thats a goood ass right there boi

Okay we need to talk... I officially believe you're a demon sent from hell to kill me with these white girls. I'm the resident white girl and ass lover. This is incredible! You are the second new artist to just start making content to catch my attention. I love this quality and it instantly puts you in my Top Tier list of artists here. This is the type of quality I long for. Anyone can make a sexy white girl with a nice ass, but you got the literal details down.

I don't know the technical term for those things behind the knee like where our legs bend, but that is the first time I've ever seen anyone make that look realistic. Throughout several pieces of your work. The way she moves is incredible. Everything is so fluid and life-like. I was just looking at images first. Then I noticed you had two videos.

Also I'm not one of those who just gives out 5 stars. I think 5 star ratings should never be diluted and I can say before I move to review more of your work this is not the only 5 star piece.

I like em thick, just like this. I feel like I'm actually there standing behind her ready to fuck her in the ass. Ooh. Are you doing anal any time soon? This is like my new favorite bits of content now. I think I can safely say that. It's like everything you do is not only the highest level of quality, but geared directly to my desires.

Let's not overlook the fact that every time she moves that beautiful thick curvaceous body that her image also moves on the bottle of oil/lube next to her. I'm also glad she's not stiff. Especially being THAT thick. I see some people mess that up, but you got it so right. When those cheeks move, everything else is going to shake as well. I love her thigh meat. I think you have a way with making these girls' faces extremely beautiful in a unique way with the physical detailing in their lips. It's insane. Thank you for killing me slowly in ecstasy.


This is that good stuff

Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2020
10:49 AM EDT
Misc. Kit
  • Blender