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Project: Unborn - Episode 3

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Project: Unborn is another timeline in a White Wolf​ multiverse and it will consist of several episodes. The game is, for the most part, point and click adventure. But each episode will contain few fights in a JRPG style. This is, however, not a JRPG game. There is no leveling system or new equipment. You can find a few items that can help you in the fight, but each battle is more like a mini-puzzle. That means that each fight is essentially a boss fight. And each episode will contain only 3-4 fights. Hp and Be (bio-energy) will not be restored between fights, so it is desirable to win each fight with as little waste of resources as possible. As for the length of the episode, each episode should be 5-15 minutes long if you know what you are doing and where you need to go.

Use the mouse to control the character. In the battle click on the WOLF for Boost / Healing commands or click on an OPPONENT for battle commands.

Official page (Windows / Linux / Android versions) https://mmmindiegames.blogspot.com/2020/09/project-unborn.html


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Hey, it's been a while since i played one of your games. I really like the universe of this series and I'm all for exploring more of it. The game is really short though, and the ending comes a bit out of nowhere, so it's quite hard to say I really enjoyed it.

The movement is weird, because the character doesn't go all the way to the position of the mouse, and slows down very slowly before reaching a full stop. And while I do really like rpgs, I think your combat system lacks depth, even for the very few battles the game offers.

Overall, I think it would be preferable if you revert back to the side-scrolling version of Project unborn, since they offer bigger levels and more freedom with the controls, as well as a lwider variety with the enemies. I've even bought the side-scroller version on your website waaay back in 2017, and I think it stands as the definitely better version.

In the end, I really like this series, but I think it worked far better as a platformer with an rpg-like inventory system, and the rpg aspect of it (movement and battles) are really detrimental to it, but if it is what you want to go for, then go for it. Looking forward to more of your games,

MMMgames responds:

Thank you for the feedback. This was the last episode. The next game will be a new project with a new universe to explore. Point and click RPG but with few new elements and much smoother gameplay (everything I learned from Project: Unborn will be implemented and upgraded). As for the White Wolf universe... who knows. Maybe I will return to the game as a side scroller Metroidvania. But for now, there are no such plans... But I like wolf universe and there is a big chance for these stories to be revisited :)