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Love Sucks: Night One

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Love Sucks is an adult Visual Novel, in which monster-kind has secretly integrated with humanity. Two monster girls, a vampire and a succubus have chosen you to be their date this Halloween! But their motives go beyond just showing you a good time... With the involvement of magical artefacts, monster police, big boobs and a sweet ass, can you survive long enough to save not only yourself, but the monsters too?

Or maybe you'll just let it happen over, and over, because, screw it, the succ is good and there's worse ways to go!

This is Love Sucks: Night One, the first part of three in your mission to get laid and not die doing it.



This is our first ever game. We hope you like it! ❤


Also playable (and downloadable) on Itch.io and Steam

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This game is amazing but not exactly chrome friendly, the shitty navigator doesn't seem to be able to handle your game properly, lots of errors and exceptions after last update (of chrome), you can of course ignore them and the game keeps playing properly, but it was still annoying, also the voice clips seem to clip or lag on chrome, anyway, you all did a great job with the game.

Great characters and great story... amazing game :D

Would give 5 stars but one of the randomized nicknames was Sus :/

ArtWitchStudios responds:

Still not getting why that's a thing. People keep saying that's a problem

Just finished playing the game and honestly, I think I've fallen for it, as you guy's first game. Really good start.

Really did enjoy how things developed between MC (gonna stick with that for the player) and how this hidden world of monsters and nimrod works.
It actually makes me focus on the lore around this place more than the sex to be honest, makes me wanna see more as to how it all works out, along with the relationship between Jan, Anna, MC, hell every character really without feeling too hamfisted like (for lack of a better example) some animes (not that it's bad but it doesn't feel earned in a sense unlike here where it shows you have to make some effort to not screw up and die).

Even though I currently might not be able to play it I'm still ecstatic for what y'all can come up with for Night Two. Big ups to the VAs, the artist Aila, and those in ArtWitchStudios. keep making good stuff all -w-

ArtWitchStudios responds:

Thank you so much!

For me, I've gotten hooked on this game the second I played it, it's really close my favorite Visual Novel. I've literally fallen in love with the characters, mostly THE MOST SOCIAL MAN EVER. I really hope when Night Two comes out, I share the same opinion with it, thank you, ArtWitchStudios!

Edit: Oh my god, they answered! I am beyond happy, AND I MADE THEIR HEART MELT-

ArtWitchStudios responds:

Heart kinda melted when I read this. Thank you!

Credits & Info

4.56 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2020
2:58 PM EDT
  • Audacity
  • Clip Studio Paint
  • Ren'Py
Misc. Kit
  • Editra