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Punch Out: everyone is here!

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A Punch Out game i made in the most embarrassing coding site, Scratch. Its not that good but you can try it out anyways.

< > or A/D to dodge, Z/X or O/P to punch, down or S to duck and C or I to star punch. Oh yeah i forgot hold up or W while punching to do normal uppercuts.

Head to Head doesn't work yet so don't try that. All fights unlocked by default so press reset progress if you want to play it through.

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This is really good! Scratch games are usually pretty... well... crap.., but this is really good fun!
The gameplay and spritework is really nice, and K.Rool instead of DK is a cool touch, Quite reminiscent of DK64, so, again, a nice touch! My one gripe would be the lack of healthbars, but the numbers do their job well and I dont know a the first thing about scratch, so im not sure if thats possible, but still, great job!

ZappyBarbecue10 responds:

you think this is good? check out this trailer for an upcoming scratch game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
and yeah, the healthbars would be probably impossible to add

im impressed i don't usually see scratch games this good you have potential like REAL potential
sprite work is good the game feels responsive and smooth it does have a few quirks that are more of a fault of scratch than anything

ZappyBarbecue10 responds:

yeah scratch is pretty limited but i managed to do what i could with it

2 and a half stars. Its a decent game, if it were on like a nintendo or something. This is like something from the 80's! Try and make the graphics a bit better next time.

ZappyBarbecue10 responds:

thanks for the feedback.

Its great, its really great! Ok, so its not exactly everyone, but damn, you did a fine job.

ZappyBarbecue10 responds:

can you let me know who i missed?
i actually just replaced dk with king k rool

good game

Credits & Info

3.19 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2020
7:58 PM EDT
  • Scratch 3